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Spanish Rose

Torn in Two


Can You Hear?

My Butterfly

The Lovers


Greet The Day

Good Morning

The Beginning

Enjoy Each Day

Renew The Wonder

Blue Eyes

My Love

Cherished Friend

Realm of Dreams

Passing Time

Unfinished Poem

A Friend When Needed


Your Friend

Comfort For A Friend

Soul Of Hearts

Great Friend

Flame Of Desire

Valentine For Amanda

Dream Tryst

In Your Pocket

Pets We Love

Dream Walking

Part Of Me

Birthday Poem For Spike The Cockatiel

Nice Surprise

Ring The Bell Of Life

Prayer Poems





Hello and Welcome to my Poetry Page


Hi, my name is Jim Caldwell, and while I don't really read poetry, I do write it. So I made this site for people that do like to read it. Hope you enjoy it.


Poetry means many different things to many different people, but for me I just like the creative process involved with it. Life is full of many experiences, some good, some bad and some are just experiences neither good nor bad. Experiences, no matter what their flavor, are great starting points for a poem. Try it some time.


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I will place links to poetry related things later. Stay tuned