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I am pierced to my soul,

I no longer can control,

The feelings that I posses,

I long for your tender caress.

To have such emotions,

Such caring devotions,

Are tearing me up inside,

And I have no place to hide.

I hope it’s not too much for you,

When I say that I love you,

And then I wonder if I do,

I am left without a clue.

I don’t want to scare you away,

With emotions gone astray,

I just wander lost in thought,

With visions of you, I am caught.

You never asked for my attentions,

They are just my own pretensions,

Oh but how you make me feel,

Hot as fire and cold as steel.

Would that I could posses,

The magic of your given caress,

To receive from you a loving kiss,

Freely given, to remove me from this dismal abyss.