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Torn in Two


The distance between us of miles and years,

Has me filled with terrible fears,

My heart tells me I am caught,

Brain tells me it is for naught,

For though I have given thee,

A little piece of what is me,

I fear it is not enough,

And that I may seem a little rough.

Years there are that lay between,

You and me I have seen,

It tends to make me feel so cold,

But years make no difference I am told,

I wonder if its really so,

The reality of it is hard you know,

Could you really love a man like me?

Or do I live in a fantasy?

I know that you sought me not,

But for you my heart is hot,

I can’t help the way I feel,

I only know that it is real,

I hope that one day it may be,

You will take my hand and set me free.