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Birthday Poem For Spike The Cockatiel


Seven years ago from an egg

Poked a beak and a leg

Born that day was a bird

And little peeps were also heard

So much has passed since that day

You've been my friend in every way

Gave me kisses and your love

Perched on my shoulder up above

You mean so very much to me

You help me keep my sanity

You and all my animal friends

Make me feel better as my heart mends

I owe so much to what you bring

Into my life your bird songs ring

Reminding me of all that’s good

Asking nothing its understood

The gift of our animal friends

Is a gift that never really ends

Time may pass with its trials

Still we remember and it brings us smiles

So happy birthday my friend Spike

We love you and all your like

No matter if you've feathers or scales

Fuzzy fur or wagging tales