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Darkness of the soul encompassed me

Pain and sorrow was all I could see

Feeling like a used up match stick

Burnt and black I felt sick

Then like a burning shining star

Blazing across the sky from afar

She entered into my lonely life

Lifting sorrow, lifting strife

Bringing an end to lonely days

Making me happy with all her ways

A bright light at the end of a long tunnel

That was as dark as a coal steamer’s funnel

Her love pulled me from the darkened abyss

From that empty pit of loneliness

Where shadows haunt and ghosts live

The leftover memories of those who take and do not give

Instant rapport with mind and soul

Now of my heart she has control

Her mind and mine meld into one

Her heart and mine burn like the sun

In such a short time we have become close

No time for sorrow or for remorse

Only time to look ahead at the course

Chosen freely and without force

Each new day brings new happiness

And washes away the weariness

Like a cleansing fresh spring rain

Clearing the air and replacing the pain

Life is like a beautiful flower

Don’t pick it too soon and lose the power

Let it grow to its full extent

And let it become what it was meant