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The Lovers


Walking down the path of life

Full of sorrow full of strife

Chance will bring good and bad

Sometimes happy sometimes sad

When you find a lover true

She can make you feel so new

Meeting at a lovers tryst

Deep within a woodland mist

Moonlight silvers branch and leaf

Edging all in white relief

They greet each other with a kiss

Full of passion full of bliss

With arms entwined they embrace

He of iron she of lace

Their two hearts race as one

Running fast it’s just begun

Flames of passion soaring high

The moon looks down from the sky

Laying upon the grass of night

Looking up they use their sight

To view the heavens up above

And join together in their love

Stars above like diamonds gleam

Wink and sparkle like a dream

How good it is to feel

Your love next to you for real

Side by side and hand in hand

No request no demand

Just the sharing of the hour

Love has a mighty power

The eyes speak for the heart

Mouth will play a different part

The eyes will talk and the mouth will kiss

There is nothing better than this

A kiss brushes upon the lips

Like a butterfly that sips

Upon the nectar of a flower

Climbing up the trellis bower

A kiss upon her neck is bliss

Her fragrance I can’t miss

Her breath hot in my ear

Whispers "I love you dear"

And the fires burn ever brighter

Moon glows ever lighter

Night sky now is shifting

Sun is rising mist is lifting

The night now is waning away

But still the lovers wish to stay

Embraced within their caring arms

And enjoy each other’s gentle charms

With the rising of the sun

They greet the day that’s just begun

And join their bodies in the dance

That’s been around since romance

They follow the rhythm of nature’s tune

While rising sun outshines the moon