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Prayer Poems


Please my God do not forsake

Nor allow any evil to over take

One who I cherish and adore

And probably will for evermore

Keep thy hand upon her well

Guard her constantly and dispel

Any bad that comes her way

Keep her safe every day




Past the gate within the foyer

Sits an angel just for her

Whose job it is to keep her well

And protect her from Satan’s spell

Oh my God thou art great

Power you have to fill and sate

This heart of mine that’s laid bare

With doors wide open for my lady fair




Oh my God from up above

Take good care of my love

Let no harm come to her

Nor the fires of hell do stir

Surround her with your angel’s affection

Keep her safe within your protection




May the God who rules above

Send to me the one I love

And keep her well within his care

So that nothing bad may dare

To raise its hoary awful head

And keep her dreams clear of dread

And keep her safe from all harm

Snuggled within a loving Gods arm