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This is the central hub of all my sites. From here you can navigate to my poetry, artwork, forum and my store, where you can purchase merchandise with my artwork on it. Currently, all of my artwork is posted on my blog, but that may change after I get this site all set up. All of my poems are also currently on my blog site, but you have to sift through some other writing I have been doing. I will put all of them in a single location on this site so that people looking specifically for my poems will have them all in one spot.

What's New?

04/19/08 - Finally added my poems to the poem sections of this site. Now the people that want to read my poems have them all in one location without the need for scrolling and hunting.

02/02/08 - Added many new images over the last few days. They are on my blog site under Art II. Other than that, not much else going on. Need to work on this site some more.

01/27/08 - Added a new poll on my forum. Which of my images do you like best? Click on my forum link and cast your vote today.

01/27/08 - Added a new image to my weblog called 'Tree of Life'.


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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.