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My personal website for the

poems I have written


Close your eyes and come with me

On a tour of my fantasy

Where you and I are lovers two

Bound by a love that’s oh so true

Within this place in my minds eye

There is only you and I

Heart to heart and hand in hand

In loves embrace together we stand

In each other’s arms we lay

Each and every dawning day

Waking from a sleep of bliss

We greet each other with a kiss

Laying together on our bed

We marvel at the sunrise red

We thank the gracious God above

For giving us such a wonderful love

As I look into your shining eyes

I see reflected summer skies

Glowing bright with a love for me

Three times fold its returned to thee

And so we start a brand new day

Full of love and full of play

And though we may be far apart

We’re always together in our heart

Open your eyes now what do you see

Is there any hope for me?

Tell me true now what will you do

If I tell you I love you?